Here's Looking at You Baby

Here's Looking at You Baby

Here's Looking at You Baby is a group for brand new parents with their babies of 6 months and under.

A group which will help you find out what you baby is trying to tell you with their smiles, wriggles, grizzles and sounds. The group will cover a variety of topics. During this time we will be using video to illustrate the way in which your baby communicates.

This group has been developed from long term research into infant behaviour. It tells of the importance of parents understanding what their babies are trying to communicate, before they can use words to ask for what they want. Parents are offered a virtual toolkit of information enabling them to understand their child's behaviour, which can be accessed when needed.

Parents have described the sharing of this knowledge as building on their instincts, and providing them with a greater understanding of the emotional, physical and communicative abilities of a new born infant. If you would like to put your name down please let a member of staff know or email into the centre.

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