Parenting advice and support


A group for new parents with their babies under 6 months and under.

A small and friendly group with no more than 8 parents and their little ones.

A group which will help you find out what your baby is trying to tell you with their smiles, wriggles, grizzles and sounds.
What we do in the sessions
This group has been developed from long term research into infant behaviour. It explains the importance of parents understanding what their babies are trying to communicate, before they can use words to ask for what they want. We use video as one of the ways to help show you how your baby communicates.

Topics covered
- Crying and your response
- Understanding your baby's cues
- The behaviour your baby comes with from birth
- How you are your baby communicate
- Positioning of your baby
- Taking turns when you communicate and play with your baby
- Eye contact, conversations and smiling
- Developing a conversation with your baby
- Understanding your baby's development
- Playing with your baby